ViewSonic FreeSync monitors support GeForce Driver G-Sync Enable-Ready.



*Legal Disclaimer for GeForce Driver G-Sync Enable-Ready:

Our product follows the Adaptive Sync technology standard adopted by the Video Electronics Standards Association (“VESA”). Our product is compatible with and certified by AMD for AMD’s FreeSync Technology, which utilizes Adaptive Sync VRR technology. When ViewSonic states “GeForce Driver G-Sync Enable-Ready”, ViewSonic only means that our product can be enabled by NVIDIA’s Geforce Game Ready Driver, version 417.71 (“NVIDIA Driver”). However, ViewSonic did not design this product for NVIDIA GeForce Driver Compatibility. Whether this product is fully compatible with and how it actually performs under the stated NVIDIA GeForce Driver, is controlled solely by NVIDIA. We SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIM USER EXPERIENCES AND PRODUCT PERFORMANCE of our product when updating to and using the aforementioned NVIDIA GeForce Driver.