If you are having trouble accessing ClassSwift Hub, there could be several reasons related to your account type, plan status, or technical issues. This guide explains the possible causes and suggests solutions to help you regain access. 


Common Reasons for Access Issues 

1. Type of Plan 

Plan Limitations: ClassSwift Hub is only available to users with Plus or Advanced plans. If you are on the Basic plan, you will only have access to the ClassSwift application. 

Note: The Basic plan is currently only available in Taiwan. 


2. Plan Expiration 

Expired Organization Plan: If your organization’s plan has expired, you will lose access to ClassSwift Hub. 

Solution: Contact us to verify the status of your plan. If it has expired, you can renew or upgrade your plan based on your needs. Please reach out through our contact form. 


3. Technical Issues 

Error Messages: If you encounter an error message or technical glitch when trying to access ClassSwift Hub, it may be a temporary technical issue. 

Solution: Provide detailed information, such as screenshots of the error or issue you are encountering, and contact our support team. This will enable us to diagnose and resolve the problem more effectively. 



Access issues to ClassSwift Hub can often be resolved by checking your plan type, ensuring your organization’s plan is active, or addressing technical issues with the help of our support team. We are committed to providing a smooth experience and are here to assist with any problems you may encounter.