Welcome to UNIVERSE by ViewSonic. To start your journey on the virtual campus, follow the step-by-step instructions below!

1. Create an Account

You can sign up for an account to try UNIVERSE free for 30 days!

2. Install and Launch UNIVERSE

Select your platform of choice and download UNIVERSE

  • Windows 64 bit

  • MacOS

  • For Android users, we only support Chromebook. 

  • For iOS users, we support iPad and iPhone.

If you see an error when opening UNIVERSE, please visit How to fix "VCRUNTIME140_1.dll Not Found" error.

3. Log in to UNIVERSE Manager

If you don't know what UNIVERSE Manager is, please visit What is UNIVERSE Manager?

4. Import Users to the Organization

5. Schedule a Class in UNIVERSE Manager

6. Add Students to a Class in UNIVERSE Manager

7. Log in to UNIVERSE software and set up your avatar

You can customize your avatar based on your liking.

8. Get familiar with the hotkeys

There are two modes to choose from, Standard and Alternate Mode. 

  • Standard Mode: To move your avatar, you can use the WASD keys. If you want to adjust your view, simply hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse.

  • Alternate Mode: To move your avatar, you must press Tab first to hide Display Menu and then use the WASD keys. If you want to adjust your view, simply move the mouse.

For iPad and ChromeBook users, you can move your avatar by the circle controller.

9. Create different kinds of rooms

If you don't know the process, please refer to the articles below:

Great job! You're now more familiar with UNIVERSE.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let us know.