Please follow below instructions to add apps.

1. Enable "Unknown sources" support under factory mode

    (1) Enter factory menu by pressing “INPUT -> 991” on remote control.

    (2) Select “DEBUG” and set “Unknown sources” to “ON”.

   (3) Press “EPG” on remote control to exit factory menu.

2. Install Apps

   (1) Prepare an USB drive and save the “.apk" files.

   (2) Plug the USB drive into IFPD USB port (not slot-in PC USB).

   (3) Switch channel source to “Embedded Player”.

   (4) Click “Folders”.

   (5) Select the “.apk file” and install

   (6) Notice will be shown on screen when the process is completed.

Note: Installed apps may not be workable. For example, the computing power might be limited on some heavy graphic games. Please make sure you do the test before you answer the customer.