New Launcher for an Effortless Installation Experience

UNIVERSE now features a new launcher designed to streamline the installation process. This enhancement ensures that anyone can easily install the application, and permission requests have been optimized accordingly.

Ensure Seamless Connection with Software Improvements

Automated Restoration of Previous Settings for Faster Joining

UNIVERSE now effortlessly remembers your session preferences, including login details, audio settings, and camera adjustments. This eliminates the need to set them up again from scratch, ensuring effortless class participation.

Refreshed Audio Interface to Prevent Sound Incidents 

With redesigned audio buttons that provide clear indicators of when a person is speaking and when the microphone is activated or muted, users can effortlessly participate and listen during classes without any inadvertent mishaps.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved microphone connection issues that caused users to hear their own voices

  • Implemented noise cancellation to eliminate background noise

  • Fixed the issue where new friend requests do not have notifications

  • Fixed the issue where new incoming chats do not have notifications