Run UNIVERSE with a Simplified Network Implementation

UNIVERSE can now be run on restricted networks (i.e. educational organizations) without further configurations. By simplifying our network implementation, we minimized the open ports needed to support UNIVERSE functionality.

Encourage Class Interactions with the New Classroom Themes

New Classroom Themes: Shapes, Dune and Frosty 

Immerse your students in an interactive learning experience surrounded by different shapes and elements placed throughout the new Shapes classroom.

To spark student curiosity, you can try the new Dune and Frosty classrooms to transport students to the desert and snowy environments.

Shapes Classroom

Frosty Classroom

Dune Classroom

New Avatar Clothing Options

We have included multiple wardrobe choices, including Muslim clothing, and added more hairstyle choices. Personalize your avatar and embrace diversity with our latest additions. More to come soon!


Express Yourself with Newly Added Reactions

Express yourself with 10 new emojis and 2 new motions added to enhance interaction within UNIVERSE. Whether you are feeling joyful, angry, or excited, you can choose a suitable reaction to convey your emotions.

You can now assign Emojis and Motions to personalized shortcuts through the Emote tab in Settings.


Better User Experience on the Collaboration Board

When drawing on the Collaboration Board, lines are now automatically smoothed for a better user experience. 

We have also introduced a multi-selection tool that allows you to select and move multiple items simultaneously, making it easier to organize items on the board.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users cannot join a classroom via the Schedule page

  • Fixed the issue where students could not use the share screen function after the teacher gave them access