More Control from the Attendance List

Teachers now have the ability to mute and give students screen-sharing permission directly from the attendance list. 

Discover New Classroom and Meeting Room Themes

New Room Themes: Coral and Cell Biology Classroom and Granite Meeting Room

Explore the brand-new Coral and Cell Biology classrooms! Teachers can use the Coral and Cell Biology classrooms for a variety of subjects, including marine biology, environmental science, anatomy, or any other subject you’d like! These themed classrooms provide a unique and immersive learning environment to spark students' curiosity on the subject matter.

Coral Classroom

Cell Biology Classroom 

Granite Meeting Room

Preventing Double Log-In from the Same User

An account is now limited to one session per user. If a user is already logged in to an account, another user will not be able to log in simultaneously into the same account from another device.