When you find that the edge brightness of the LED module is different from that of the adjacent modules, the following procedure below can be followed in order to resolve the problem:


Step 1Use the USB B-to-A cable and HDMI cable to connect the display to the computer, and switch the display's input source to HDMI.

Step 2: Modify the computer settings to project the computer screen onto the LED display.

Step 3: Open the AutoLED program, select the "Hardware Information" tab, and confirm that the computer has been connected to the LED display.

Step 4: Open the MoonCell-Seam program included in the USB flash drive, and enter the following values in the fields.

Then go to the computer monitor settings, select Display 1, and confirm that the resolution is 1920 and 1080.

Step 5: Enter the respective size values in MoonCell-Seam according to the

product specifications, then click the "display" button.

Step 6: Move the mouse to the respective area(s) requiring adjustment, click, then move the scroll wheel to adjust the brightness (down to dim, up to brighten). After adjustment, right click and select "exit" to leave the screen.

Step 7: Check "enable" and click "save file" to save the settings into the MoonCell-Seam program.

Step 8: After saving, click "send to hw" to send the settings to the display. Finally, click "save in hw" to save the settings to the display to complete. Please be patient, as this step may take several minutes to complete the data transmission.

Step 9: Turn on the LED display again to confirm that the settings were

successfully saved and that the issue is resolved.

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