Answer: The Receiving Card (aka Receiving Board) plays a part in supplementing LED Module signal connection. It is directly connected to the Transfer Board as shown in Diagram 1 below.

Diagram 1: Receiving Card mounted onto Transfer Card

Signal is taken from the Transfer Board and sent to the Receiving Card, thus distributing the signal across LED modules. Generally speaking, there are four LED modules per Receiving Card as shown in Diagram 2 below. 

Diagram 2: There are four LED Modules per Receiver Card (for LD216, there are two LED modules per Receiver card).

The Receiving Card will most often than not be on the bottom left of each quadrant (region of 4 LED modules), so removing a quadrant's bottom left module will provide direct access to the Receiving Card. When mounting the Receiving Card, the arrows should be facing to the left.

Important Note: Receiving cards cannot be interchanged across models. If replacing a receiving card, please ensure the receiving card is designed for the correct size, resolution, and other specifications.

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