Product installation conditions:

1. Installed in a well-ventilated area, indoors.

2. Ideal ambient room temperature at 22℃±10℃, with an ideal relative humidity of 25% to 75% without condensation. 

3. Installation location is more than three meters away from air conditioning.

4. Installation location is away from heat sources (e.g. radiators, heat accumulators, stoves, etc) when installing. Also avoid placing equipment that may generate heat (e.g. amplifiers) in the surrounding area.

5. Protected from direct sunlight or continuous exposure to other heat sources.

6. Socket is equipped with a grounding wire (recommended to use on a separate, dedicated outlet.

7. Power supply specification is 110V/30A or 220V/15A. Refer to the user manual before installation to confirm that the power supply meets the specification.