To configure the IFP2410/VSD243 microphone to work with Zoom, there is a setting in Zoom Settings called “Use Original Sound” (see images below) that will need to be enabled.   

According to Zoom’s website, Original Sound is supposed to only suppress background noises, such as keyboard tapping, crunching paper, fan noise, etc.  

In the IFP2410 and VSD243, Original Sound blocks the microphone if it is not enabled.  

By default, Zoom disables “Use Original Sound” in its Settings.  This is tested with Zoom for Android versions 5.2.1 (44042.0816) and 5.3.1 (52883.0928), and the microphone on both versions will work when Original Sound is enabled. 

To get to the Original Sound option, simply go to: Settings option > Meeting > Original Sound.