The ViewBoard IFP display is based on Android and supports a "Shared" Ethernet connection between the ARM based Android TV Scaler and the x86 Windows slot-in PC, if installed. 

There limitation of this is that the slot-in PC will only receive a 100M Ethernet connection even if the Android Platform is receiving 1000M (GB) Ethernet.

Please understand this will significantly impact Screen Sharing. 

Ethernet was designed for robust delivery of Packets and only 40% of the available Bandwidth is available for payload delivery in an ideal network.

100M = 40M of payload

1000M = 400M of payload

If a slot-in PC is installed in a ViewBoard IFP display, it is highly recommended that it has its own hard wired 1GB CAT6 Ethernet connection as this will allow for a significantly better Screen Sharing experience.

For high bandwidth applications like Screen Sharing, the use of a Shared Ethernet Mode between Android and Windows is not recommend; they should have their own 1000M GB Ethernet connection via Cat6 Cable or 5G WiFi.