- USB Flash Drive (FAT32 Formatted): How to format USB flash drive to FAT32

- vSignage license file, available on the Download section of the product's page*

1. Copy the license file (license-production_VSI.PKG) to the root directory of the USB flash drive.

2. Insert the USB flash drive into USB port of the display.

3. Start the vSignage app.

4. Click the "Choose File" button. The application will begin scanning for the license key. Once located on the USB flash drive, it will begin installing the license key.


5. When successfully installed, the screen will show "License install success". Please close the application and restart.


6.  Turn the display Off, then back On.

7. Change the input source to vSignage.

*NOTE:  If you are unable to find the license file or install it, contact ViewSonic service center. Provide the unit SN and MAC Address of your product (the MAC address can be found in the Network settings as well as on the mainboard itself inside the back door). 

License file URL: