Instant Class Access at Your Fingertips for Effortless Joining and Timely Reminders

Effortlessly access classes upon login and preview your upcoming schedule. With class reminders and a convenient quick join button, stay reliably on schedule, ensuring maximum engagement and participation in every session.

Quick Join and View Upcoming Schedule

Class Reminder and Quick Join

Automatic Join Set Classes

Discover the All-New Bistro by the Sea Classroom Experience 

Introduce your students to an engaging educational setting at the Bistro by Sea, a fresh classroom concept. Delve into learning while enjoying a tranquil and interactive atmosphere, combining education with relaxation. 

Enhance Learning with the All-New 3D Object Library 

Introducing an array of meticulously curated 3D objects, this library enriches the learning process by allowing educators to seamlessly integrate captivating visual aids into their lessons. From animal models to subject-specific items, choose from an extensive collection that breathes life into the curriculum. 

Upgraded Features for Enhanced Quiz Experience

UNIVERSE introduces enhanced quiz features, allowing educators to incorporate multiple questions in their quizzes and seamlessly upload images to complement and clarify quiz content. Additionally, students gain access to immediate viewing of their latest quiz results.

Set Multiple Quizzes

Upload Pictures to Quizzes

View Previous Quiz Results  

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted avatar sitting position.

  • Fixed the issue of the NPC situated in a random place after being called into the classroom. 

  • Addressed the issue where the chat messages jump up when typing a message.