ClassSwift's Push-and-Respond feature offers a dynamic way to interact with students during lessons by allowing teachers to send materials directly to students' devices. Students can then respond by drawing or sketching on these materials, enabling a highly interactive and engaging learning environment. This guide will walk you through how to use this feature and compare it with ClassSwift’s quiz functionality. 


1. Overview of Push-and-Respond 

The Push-and-Respond feature in ClassSwift allows you to: 

  • Screenshot materials: Capture any material from your device that you want to share with students. 
  • Send to students: Distribute these materials either individually or by groups, directly to students' devices. 
  • Receive student responses: Students can interact by drawing or sketching on the sent materials and submit their responses back to you. 


2. How to Use Push-and-Respond 

Follow these steps to effectively use the Push-and-Respond feature: 

  • Prepare your material: Open the material you want to use on your device and take a screenshot. 
  • Log in to ClassSwift: Open the ClassSwift app and navigate to your class. 
  • Select 'Push-and-Respond': Choose this option from the toolbar.
  • Screenshot and send the material: Screenshot the material and select whether to send it to individual students, groups, or the entire class. 
  • Collect responses: Once students have completed their tasks, you can view their responses directly within the app. 


3. Comparing Push-and-Respond with Quiz Functionality 

To help you select the most suitable option for different teaching scenarios and to understand the unique features of 'Push-and-Respond' and 'Quiz' in ClassSwift, we recommend reading How to choose between Push-and-Respond and Quizzes. 



The Push-and-Respond feature in ClassSwift provides a flexible and interactive way to engage students in learning activities, making it suitable for dynamic and creative educational environments. Compared to Quizzes, it allows for more open-ended interaction and can be particularly effective in subjects requiring visual input from students, such as art or geometry. 

Using both Push-and-Respond and Quizzes can enhance your teaching toolkit, allowing you to tailor your approach depending on the lesson's objectives and the needs of your students.