ClassSwift offers a versatile quiz module that allows teachers to assess student understanding through various types of quizzes. Whether you're conducting a simple true/false quiz or utilizing advanced AI-generated assessments, ClassSwift makes it easy to engage students and gauge their learning. This guide details the different quiz types available and how to get started. 


1. Overview of Quiz Types 

ClassSwift supports the following types of quizzes to accommodate different teaching styles and assessment needs: 

  • True/False: Students choose whether a statement is true or false. 
  • Single Selection: Students select one correct answer from multiple choices. 
  • Multiple Selection: Students choose multiple correct answers from several options. 
  • Audio Response: Students record their answer as an audio file. 
  • Short Answer: Students type a brief response to a question. 
  • Quiz Generator [Advanced Plan Only]: Use SwiftAI’s feature to generate quizzes automatically by screenshotting materials, selecting keywords, and specifying other relevant details like the student's grade. This tool also integrates the results into Lesson Insights for thorough analysis.


2. Preparing Your Quiz Material 

Before starting a quiz, ensure your material is ready: 

  • Screenshot any materials: You can use any content on your device as the basis for quiz questions. 
  • Select the type of quiz: Based on the material and the assessment goal, choose the appropriate quiz format from the options above. 


3. Initiating the Quiz 

To start a quiz in ClassSwift: 

  • Log in and navigate to your class: Open the ClassSwift application and select the class where you want to administer the quiz. 
  • Choose 'Quiz' option: Find this option on the tool bar and select the type of quiz you wish to conduct. 
  • Push the quiz to students: Follow the prompts to screenshot your materials and send it directly to your students for them to begin answering.


4. Viewing Results 

After the quiz: 

  • Collect responses: ClassSwift collects all student responses automatically. 
  • Analyze results: Access the lesson insights to review detailed results and gain valuable feedback on student performance. 


5. Comparing Quiz with Push-and-Respond Functionality 

To help you select the most suitable option for different teaching scenarios and to understand the unique features of 'Push-and-Respond' and 'Quiz' in ClassSwift, we recommend reading How to choose between Push-and-Respond and Quizzes. 



Using quizzes in ClassSwift is an effective way to actively engage students and assess their understanding in real-time. By utilizing the various quiz formats available, teachers can create a dynamic learning environment that caters to diverse learning needs.