Welcome to ClassSwift! This guide is designed to help new users, specifically teachers, understand how to quickly start a class session using the ClassSwift application. Follow these simple steps to invite your students and begin your lesson.

1. Open the ClassSwift Application 

First, ensure that ClassSwift is installed on your device. Open the application by clicking on its icon on your desktop or from your applications folder.

2. Sign In to Your Account 

  • Access the sign-in screen: When you launch the application, you will be directed to the sign-in page. 
  • Enter your credentials: Type in your account and password associated with your ViewSonic account and click on the 'Sign In' button.

3. Select Your Organization 

Once signed in: 

  • Select the correct organization: If you are associated with multiple organizations or schools, select the appropriate one from the dropdown menu to ensure you're managing the correct class and student group.

4. Invite Students to Join the Class 

To get your students into the class session: 

  • Set up your class: Edit your preferred class name and number of students.
  • Generate an invitation: Click ‘Join Class’ to create a unique QR code, a direct link, and Class ID for students to join the class. 

*Please be aware that if students wish to join the class by scanning the QR code and are using iOS devices, they should not use the Code Scanner app. Instead, they should use the default camera to scan the QR code for joining the class.*

5. Start Your Lesson

Once your students have joined: 

  • Click on the 'Start Lesson' button: This will activate the class session, allowing you to begin teaching and interacting with your students in real-time.