Before LED Modules are shipped out, they must be packaged in a specialty Module Box according to the following packaging steps specifically designed to hold LED modules.

Please refer to the Proper LED Module Packaging SOP for full details.


Obtain the Module Box(s). Each module box should be able to hold 4 LED modules. 
NOTE: Flight cases with trolley models will not contain module boxes. Contact Customer Service to obtain module box(s).

Step 1: Place the first set of LED Modules (x2 modules) with the connectors facing down
NOTE: Do not place the LED Module on a surface without an opening for the connector. This may cause the connectors to bend.

Step 2: Place the Bead-side Cover on top of the first set of modules

Step 3: Then, place the second set of LED Modules (x2 modules) with the bead-side facing down

Step 4: Place the Connector-side Cover on top of the first set of modules

Step 5: Secure the box flaps into the provided flap slots

Step 6: Use plastic film to wrap ONE Module Box in the top-down and side-to-side direction. Ensure the paths along the top-down and side-to-side are secure. Repeat for any additional Module Boxes.

Step 7: If there is more than one Module Box, place all Module Boxes into an appropriate box. Pack the box with appropriate shipping material and ensure there is no shaking when closed and sealed. If permissible, add a “Fragile” label.

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