Audio latency is, essentially, the time it takes for audio data to move from your projector to your Bluetooth speaker. Wired connection produces an imperceptible amount of lag—about 5-10ms worth. Within this 5-10ms window, your device processes digital audio data, converts said data to an audio signal, and streams the signal through your speakers. 


Bluetooth devices spend a lot more time in that initial “processing” stage. First, digital audio is processed by your audio source. Then, it is passed to your Bluetooth device over a wireless signal, where it’s converted into audio for sound.  


Due to the characteristic of Bluetooth and other wireless transmissions, there may be a delay or slight lag on audio due to signal interference or a slight delay when viewing videos using different audio codec formats (LDAC, APTXHD, AAC, SBC). These conditions occur even when using the Speaker Add, Wireless party chain, or Party Connect functions. If you are using applications while on Wi-Fi, you may experience audio lag due to a weak Wi-Fi signal as well.


Check the following to improve audio quality: 

  • Depending on your source you may be able to adjust the latency (Lip Sync) on the device running the video.  
  • Change the position or location of your device. It may need to be closer to the projector  
  • Keep your distance from other Bluetooth devices to avoid interference. 
  • Turn off other wireless connections close to the projector and Bluetooth signal.