1. Using a power bank or a power adapter with DC output of 5V/2A is required via the Micro USB 

port for charging the M1 mini battery.

2. Charge the projector for 2 hours (5V/2A) before using it in battery mode for the first time.

Using the Battery

The battery level icon will show at the top right of the Home Screen. As the battery’s power level runs low, the screen will show a “low battery message”.

Battery Usage Time Information


  • When the projector is in use, a 5V/2A power adapter is required to fully recharge the projector.
  • When the projector is in use, using the USB A port to power other devices, e.g. wireless dongle, may prevent the projector battery from being fully recharged.
  • When the projector is in use with a low battery status, using the USB A port (2.5W), even if the power adapter is plugged in, the projector may turn off or restart automatically. If this occurs it is suggested to remove the USB A connected device and let the battery fully charge.