The ViewSplit software is a great tool to allow you to organize your windows on your screen to help optimize productivity.  


If you run into any trouble when running the software, please verify the following: 

  • ViewSplit is designed to only work with ViewSonic monitors. if you attempt to use the software without a ViewSonic monitor you will receive an error message.   



  • Verify that the software has been started and is running. This can be done by checking your taskbar in the lower right of you screen. If it does not show you may have to click the arrow to show more tasks.  




  • The ViewSonic monitor must be set as the primary monitor. To verify this please follow the steps below:  


  1. 1. Right click on your desktop and select “Display Settings”. 

Change Main Display in Windows 10-desktop.png 

  1. 2. Click on the display number at the top that you want to make the main display and check the “Make this my main display box” under Multiple displays. 

Change Main Display in Windows 10-main_display_settings.jpg 

  1. 3. If the option to select “Make this my main display” is grayed out, that would mean that is the current main display.  

Change Main Display in Windows 10-currently_main_display.jpg 

NOTE: If you run into the templates not being centered properly please follow the below steps:  



  1. a. Right click on the desktop icon of ViewSplit and Select “Properties”. 

  1. b. When the properties window pops up select the tab “Compatibility”. 

  1. c. Select “Change high DPI settings”. 

  1. d. Then check the “Program DPI” box and the drop down “I open this program”. 


Please note that ViewSplit only works on one monitor at a time and not all programs may be compatible with the software. 

If you happen to run into this situation of non-compatibility you can try to use the Windows Snap feature linked here: