To recover and return the NMP660 to its original factory state you will first need to create a Recovery USB disk.

Making the Google Chrome Recovery USB disk for the NMP660

1. Using a Chrome browser, install the Chromebook Recovery Utility app.

2. Click on “Launch app”.

3. Click on “Get Started”.

4. Click on Select a model from a list, select “Viewsonic” and “ViewSonic NMP660 Chromebox” from  the dropdown lists, and click "Continue".

NOTE: If necessary, please select “Erase recovery media” from the gear icon at the top right first to ensure that the USB flash drive is formatted and ready to receive the new image.

5. Insert your USB flash drive or SD Card and select the media you will use from the dropdown list. Then click on "Continue".

 6. Click on “Create now”.

IMPORTANT: All data and partition on your recovery media will be deleted.

 Writing will begin.

7. Click “Done”.  You have finished creating your recovery media.


Procedure to recover the ViewSonic NMP660 with recovery media

1. Plug the power adapter into the unit and make sure the unit is powered OFF. 

2. Connect the video output using an HDMI cable to a monitor. DO NOT plug in any devices to the USB ports on the NMP660 at this time.

3. Using a paper clip, insert it into the reset slot and press and hold down Reset (right side of unit). 

While holding Reset down, press the Power Button to turn the unit ON. Release Reset after you hear the fan run on high momentarily.

The system will boot up with the following screen:

4. Insert the Chrome recovery USB flash drive you created into one of the front USB ports.

The screen will turn blank momentarily; if the USB flash drive is detected, the recovery process will automatically start within 5 seconds.  

If this does not occur, please try unplugging the flash drive and plug it into another front USB port. 

NOTE: Do not use any of the rear USB ports for recovery. 

If it does not work, Go back to the first step and try again. Otherwise, the following screens will appear:

5. Once complete, unplug the Chrome recovery USB flash drive and reboot the NMP660. The following screen should appear:


Congratulations recovery is now complete.