The vRemote app allows users to control the projector via their personal mobile device. Users can control input source, mute/unmute, power on/off, go to Home page, and so on of the projector.

1.Please Open “vRemote Installation” in AppCenter of the projector and see the instruction to set up connection between vRemote App and the projector.

Note: Make sure your projector and mobile device are connected to the Internet firstly.


2. Please download “vRemote” App at Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your phone by search “vRemote” or scanning QR Code as above.

3. To log in vRemote App via Mobile or email with Password.

Please register an account to log in for using vRemote App if you have not registered yet.


4. Press the “+” icon as Add Device.

5. Press the "Next" icon.

6. To scan QR Code via the camera of your phone


7. The device name can be renamed by users and press “Complete”.


8. The projector is added on device list.



9. It is now ready to control your device via vRemote App.

Please refer to How to Use the vRemote App? as the instruction of vRemote App.