System Setting Checking: 

 1. Make sure right Firmware version:change Firmware from EP5520

back to EP5520T

2. Make sure right Time zone is (台北+8)

3. Make sure player can connect to internet (go apps and open the Chormium browser to see do you be able to visit or )

Software Checking:

1.  Click the check update to make sure vSignage is latest version and the IP address is on same sub net (IP address of the first three groups of numbers must be same with windows admin’s IP address)

2. Before publish campaign, you should join the player and the windows admin in same group:Group Manager à select playersà create group

3. After all setting with vSignage playe, please go back dashboard and exit & play then shutdown & reboot the machine to make sure the player will be running properly (vSignage player stays in any page of admin mode won’t be able to auto play the campaign).