The setting to reboot everyday at 4:00 am comes from vSignage's default setting to avoid the cached memory of the Android system that can cause a drop in system performance.


To remove the daily reboot at 4:00 am: 

1. Press the "up" on the remote control to go to the dashboard.

2. Click/select the Group manager. 

a. Select player, EP5520.

b. Click “5 Device Setting”.

c. Deselect the text box of the Daily reboot time.

d. Click/select Save changes


Due to technical limitation, we strongly recommend that you do not deselect the default setting of the daily reboot time. The Android system and vSignage may have a performance issue such as memory overloading or rebooting without notice.  


However, you may change the daily reboot time to a more suitable time frame to keep the system optimal.