Below is a list of devices that have been identified to support video over USB Type-C.  

Not all USB-C ports support video output. USB Type-C refers to the connector type, not the capability of the port itself. Video over USB Type-C requires the hardware source to support specific USB-C alt mode protocols.

Please verify with the device manufacturer.

USB-C Video compatibility list


Mobile Phone 

Dell Alienware

HTC 10


Microsoft Lumia 950

Lenovo YOGA900

LG G5 (USB-C VideoOut Version)

HP 13-V014TU

Samsung S8

ASUS ZenBook3U (UX390UAK)

Samsung S8+ 

HP EliteBook Folio G1

Samsung Note 8


Samsung S9

Dell Precision 7710

Samsung S9+

Apple MacBook (2015) (Win10)

HTC U11 

Apple MacBook (2015) (macOS)

HTC U11+

Gigabyte DeskTop

HTC U Ultra

Apple MacBook (2016) (Win10)

HTC U12+

Apple MacBook (2016) (macOS)

Huawei Mate 10

Google ChromeBook

Huawei P20

Apple MacBook Pro (2016) (Win10)

Smartisan Pro 2s

Apple MacBook Pro (2016) (macOS)

Samsung Note 9

Apple MacBook Pro (2017) (Win10)


Apple MacBook Pro (2017) (macOS)


Mi Notebook 


Lenovo ThinkPad 13 2nd Gen


Intel NUC 7i5BNH


Microsoft Surface Book 2


Apple iPad Pro (2018) (iOS)


Apple MacBook Air (2018) (Win10)


Apple MacBook Air (2018) (macOS)


Apple Mac Mini (2018) (Win10)


Apple Mac Mini (2018) (macOS)


Mi Notebook  Air 12.5


Mi Notebook  Air 13.3


Apple MacBook Pro (2018) (Win10)


Apple MacBook Pro (2018) (macOS)