LOGO & Animation Replacement Guide

1. Customized LOGO preparation

File name: boot0.jpg

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Bit depth: 24

Size: Less or equal to 190KB

Format: Baseline JPEG


2. Customized Animation preparation Animation 

It’will be played when Android booting up, after LOGO. Follow these requirements:

(1) Animation has two parts, part0 only plays once, part1 will repeat after part0.

(2) Picture for each part: resolution 650*400, black background, .png format, 24 bit depth.

(3) Put the number of pictures for each part as few as possible, max pictures of part0 are 50, max pictures of part1 are 15. Part0 animation must be complete, and link with part1.

(4) Pictures in part1 can be played smoothly when previewed. The last picture and the first picture can be linked.

(5) To ensure effects, animated objects’ movement range should not be too large.   

(6) Do not compress pictures. Recommended frame rate is 12.

(7) Pictures need to be named by number.

(8) When make the .zip file, to select “Compression method” as “Store”, and rename it to “bootanimation.zip”.

(9) Description files (desc.txt) format and explanations:


480 640 20” represent the resolution and frame rate.

“p 1 0 folder1” represent a complete part of animation. Here are the details.

“p” is a fixed flag.

“1” is repeating times. If set “0”, it will keep repeating.   

“0” is interval. Interval = 0 * (1 / frame rate).

“folder1” is the folder name.


3. Replacement of LOGO & Animation 

(1) Put the LOGO and animation files into the root directory of a USB disk.

(2) Make sure the USB disk is the only one inserted into the Panel.

(3) Press INPUT 991 to DEBUG MENU, to select Player Setting/Replace LOGO and Animation then confirm.

(4) Restart and check that the LOGO and animation.


You can refer attachment to replace the Boot up image & Animation.