The methods for changing the projector lamp (bulb) differ depending on the model of the projector. For accurate instructions, please refer to your product manual.

  1. Make sure the projector’s power cord is disconnected.
  2. Let the projector lamp cool down if it has just been in use.
  3. Locate the projector lamp door and remove the fastener(s) or screw(s).
  4. Once the lamp door has been removed, disconnect the lamp connector and remove the screws that are fastening the lamp to the projector.
  5. Remove the lamp carefully, making sure the glass lamp is not damaged during removal
  6. To install the replacement lamp please follow the steps in reverse.
  7. Make sure the connector is connected all the way and the lamp cover is completely seated. If not then the projector may not turn on.

After replacing the Projector Lamp, resetting the lamp timer is highly recommended to help keep track of how long the lamp has been in operation.

The lamp timer can be found in the projector menu.

The Lamp Timer will also let you know when the lamp needs to be replaced. Check the projectors user manual for specific instructions.

1.You will need a small screwdriver for this operation.

2.It is recommended that you use an authentic ViewSonic replacement lamp. A genuine ViewSonic lap will provide the best longevity.

3.Avoid touch the glass of the lamp.