It’s important to let the projector use air to cool its components down. Air Flow is importing for cooling so make sure the intake and exhaust vents are free from obstruction.

  1. Do not cover or obstruct any of the air vents on the device
  2. Make sure the projector is not enclosed or right against a wall - it needs ventilation space all around
  3. Don’t place the projector on top of other electronic equipment, such as a DVD player; these also produce heat


Make nothing is obstructing the cooling fan. Listen to hear if it is working properly; get the device repaired as soon as possible if it isn’t.


Room temperature:

If possible, don’t mount your projector in a hot section of the room; i.e. above a radiator.

You may need an additional cooling system if the room temperature is consistently hot.

High Altitudes:

      If the projector is being used in a location of higher elevation you may need to turn the option for high altitude use on. This will cause the fan to operate at a higher speed which is needed for the thinner air that is found at higher elevation. You can consult the user guide for this information.


Using the projector:

  1. Using the projector on its brightest settings will make it hotter, shorten bulb life and use more electricity
  2. Do not move the projector when hot - this can cause the bulb to shatter
  3. Check the projectors user guide’s safety instructions to avoid problems regarding the mounting and placement of the projector.